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..:: Next Up

Donate to help Iraqis in crisis, at the Red Cross, the US Fund for UNICEF and OxFam America.

..:: Contact Your Elected Officials

The most effective and important thing you can do is write to your elected officials and tell them to oppose the war. By law, elected officials' offices must read and respond to your emails, so even a quick email is extremely useful. Commend their anti-war votes and express dismay at pro-war votes — let Congress know you're watching.

..:: Spread the Word

Hand out flyers, paste posters and stickers, carry signs, write letters to the editor, organize a teach-in, organize or join a demonstration, and talk to your friends and neighbours. Spread the word against the war.

..:: Oppose the War

A wide variety of people have spoken out against the rush to war — rock-ribbed Republicans, leftists, labor groups, libertarians, senior military and intelligence personnel, politicians and ordinary citizens. See some pictures, and read the statements of others against the war on Iraq.