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Spread the Word

Spread the Word

Who Dies Sightings

: Kottke on March 22, NYC

: MTV on March 22, NYC

Activist Toolkits

: Resources for Organizing from United for Peace and Justice

: Organizer Toolkit from Global Exchange

: Student Activist Toolkit from United for Peace and Justice

: Iraq Advocates Toolbox from EPIC

: Make a Demo in One Week from NPJ

: Stop Bush at the Bus Stop from TWCDC

Talking Points

: Ten Reasons To Stop the War b/w Ten Things You Can Do from Global Exchange

: 12 Reasons to Oppose War on Iraq by Russell Mokhiber and Robert Weissman

: Questions about the War by Rep. Ron Paul

: The Bloody Truth, Village Voice

: FAQ/Talking Points from Madre

: Leaflet from Radical Philosophy Association

Spread the Word
    Jay Smooth

Props for Propaganda

: Poster by Brooklyn Parents for Peace

: Posters from the Sixties by the original Committee to Help Unsell the War

: Posters by Micah Wright

: Poster by Patriots for Peace

: Poster by Bring Them Home Now

: Posters at Wake The World

: Don't Do It Logo by Cammaert


: This Modern World by Tom Tomorrow

      : Why are we going to war?

      : Does arming Iraq license war?

: Get Your War On by David Rees

: Anti-War Cartoons by Firuz Kutal


: Bush's State of the Union Speech (Remix) by Jay Smooth.

: Who Died For Gulf War Lies?

: Radio Ads by Truth About War

: Animations by Mark Fiore

: Technical Difficulties by Move On

: Anti-war TV Ad by AWVF

: Daisy Ad by Move On

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..:: Stickers and Cards

Who Dies for Bush Lies

[gif]   [pdf]

Who Dies for Bush Lies

Linocut courtesy of Lee Gough.

Who Dies for Bush Lies


Who Dies for Bush Lies

..:: Posters and Signs

Who Dies for Bush Lies?

[jpg]   [pdf]

From the Poverty Line to the Front Line

[jpg]   [pdf]

After the war, Cheney will have a job.  Will you?

[jpg]   [pdf]

Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld: Axis of Lies

[jpg]   [pdf]

No Blood for Oil

[jpg]   [pdf]

Visualize Your Family Members Waging War

[jpg]   [pdf]

Poster by Lee Gough.


[jpg]   [pdf]


[jpg]   [pdf]

Remixes of Ann Coulter's Treason.

Give Truth a Chance

[jpg]   [pdf]

Photo courtesy of Reuben A. Rivas.

The text on the sign has been changed.

..:: Contribute

We invite submissions of Flash movies, flyers, posters, stickers, etc., from those who share our views of Bush's war on Iraq.

Posters, stickers, and flyers should be PDF, uncompressed JPG, or Microsoft Word. All files should be less than 2.5 MB. Printable works containing images should be 300 dpi or vector art. Online works should be 72 dpi.

Send us a link to your work or describe your work and we'll tell you where to send it.

..:: Copyright

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