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..:: US Soldiers

War means body bags. Thousands more veterans will manifest debilitating illnesses, and their children will have a higher incidence of birth defects. The military is currently inadequately prepared to safeguard soldiers against biological and chemical weapons.

..:: US Civilians

A direct cost of $100 billion at minimum, and maybe over $500 billion, and indirect costs in damage to the economy, will mean less resources for safeguarding the health and welfare of US citizens. US civilians will also die because of the war.

..:: Iraqi Civilians

US reliance on crushing air power will mean the deaths of large numbers of Iraqi civilians. During the Gulf War, attacks on civilian institutions killed thousands, and the sanctions that followed killed hundreds of thousands of Iraqis.

..:: Iraqi Soldiers

US military superiority will slaughter Iraqi troops, and war crimes are all but inevitable in a war. After the Gulf War, retreating Iraqi soldiers were massacred on the highways between Iraq and Kuwait as they withdrew.

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