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Contact Your Elected Officials

Contact Your Elected Officials
    Jay Smooth

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..:: Register to Vote

If you have not already registered, register to vote. Mention that you are a registered voter in all your correspondence with your elected officials.

..:: Alerts for Action

By law, elected officials' offices must read and respond to your emails by mail. Several sites alert you to pending legislation and give you a quick, easy way to notify your elected officials of your views.

: Working For Change
: Friends Committee on National Legislation
: E-activist

..:: Find Contact Info for Elected Officials

Project Vote Smart uses your zip code to produce email, snail mail and phone contact information for your federal and state-level elected officials.

..:: Find Pending Legislation

There are a number of ways to find the full text, current status and votes on legislation. The easiest is to use is the Federal Library of Congress' Thomas tracker.